New Plaque Onsite: Oberlin Regional Library

On August 4, 2023 Oberlin Regional Library unveiled the new plaque displaying its new name, honoring the contributions of Oberlin Village. In 2022, the Wake County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to change the name of “Village Regional Library” to “Oberlin Regional Library.” The library was originally named Cameron Village Library, so this change meant not just removing the name of North Carolina’s largest slaveholder, but honoring the antebellum free Black enclave that provided a legacy of freedom and land ownership. The name change was in large part due to the efforts of students Leeya Chaudhuri and Adalia Schafrath-Craig, who, with the support of FOV volunteer Cheryl Williams, petitioned the board for the name change. You can watch their presentation to the commissioners here. Next time you visit the library, take a look!