Telly Awards, Oberlin: A Village Rooted in Freedom, January 2020

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The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens from documentaries to branded content, television shows to digital series.

Silver Award – Television General – D&I

Bronze Award – Television General -Documentary: Individual

Raleigh Hall of Fame, Executive Director Sabrina Goode (October 30, 2019)

The Raleigh Hall of Fame recognizes individuals and non-profit organizations, past and present, who have made significant and lasting contributions to the City of Raleigh. Sabrina is the youngest person to receive this honor.

National Register of Historic Places, Oberlin Cemetery. Raleigh, NC Wake County (September 11, 2018)

The National Register of Historic Places is the United States federal government’s official list of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects deemed worthy of preservation for their historical significance.

Oberlin Village Historic Overlay District (February 6, 2018)

A Historic Overlay District is a zoning overlay district more specifically crafted for preservation of neighborhoods with identified historic assets.

Minnette C. Duffy Landscape Preservation Award (September 29, 2017)

Preservation North Carolina has selected Friends of Oberlin Village to receive its highest award for the preservation of Oberlin Cemetery. The Minnette C. Duffy Landscape Preservation Award is the highest honor given for the preservation, restoration or maintenance of landscapes, gardens, streetscapes, or grounds related to historic structures. This award recognizes the importance of the landscape in the preservation of historic structures. First presented in 1987, the award is made possible by the family of the late Minnette Chapman Duffy of New Bern, whose leadership contributed to the reconstruction of Tryon Palace.

Tar Heel of the Week (March 5, 2017) Sabrina Goode, Executive Director Friends of Oberlin Village

Awarded by the News and Observer for over 50 years this award profiles notable North Carolinians that are advocates for improving the Tar Heel community through their service.

Vernacular Architecture Forum Award for Advocacy, Honorable Mention 2016

The VAF Award for Advocacy honors individuals and groups for exceptional contributions toward the appreciation and protection of vernacular buildings and landscapes. In 36 years this is only the second time that VAF has presented an Honorable Mention Award.

Preserve America Steward Designation, U.S. Department of the Interior, 2015

Preserve America is a designation program that recognizes programs that have demonstrated a successful use of volunteer time and commitment in order to help care for our historic heritage. A letter of designation and certificate of recognition was signed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Designation recognizes programs of organizations and agencies that:

  • provide volunteers with opportunities to contribute in direct and tangible ways to the preservation, protection, and promotion of historic properties;
  • address an otherwise unfilled need in heritage preservation through the use of volunteer efforts; and
  • demonstrate innovative and creative use of volunteer assistance in areas such as youth involvement, volunteer training, public education, and public/private partnerships.

A letter of designation and certificate of recognition was signed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Oberlin Cemetery designated a Raleigh Historic Landmark, 2013

The purpose of Raleigh Historic Landmark designation is to recognize and preserve the character of the city’s individual historic resources.

Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council Neighborhood Recognition, 2012

This award acknowledges unsung heroes who work without thought of praise to make our communities better at a grassroots level. And in so doing, elevate the quality of our lives and that of our city. Each Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council selects one recipient to be honored.